June 5, 2018

The most undervalued and most overlooked item, in playing guitar or mandolin, is neglect of right hand technique. 

There are thousands and thousands of “how to play the guitar” books out there. Only a few might have one or two pages of right hand technique with the rest devoted to what notes the left hand should/could be playing. You can be very technically fit with your left hand whipping out chords and notes, but if your right hand is not up to par, its not going to get you very far.

Try this…. strum your instrument with your right hand, leaving your left hand off the fretboard. When doing this you will hear sound. Now reverse it. Try just using your left hand on the fretboard without using your right hand to strum strings. Sounds kinda weak eh? 

Tonality is the number one thing that draws people into listen. Nobody cares how many notes you can play. If it doesn’t sound good you will not hold their interest. Put a G chord on your instrument. Slowly strum it. Its never going to get better then that sound. If you can achieve just 80% of that while playing a tune you will amaze your friends!

It was once said that in guitar playing “The left hand shows what you know, the right hand defines who you are”.

Marv Sobolesky